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Land Reclamation
No 42 (1)

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SILVA R.M., SANTOS C.A.G., SUZANA M. GICO LIMA MONTENEGRO, SILVA L.P. Spatial analysis of vegetal cover and sediment yield in Tapacurá river catchment based on remote sensing and GIS

KITHIIA S.M., WAMBUA B.N. Temporal changes of sediment dynamics within the Nairobi River sub-basins between 1998-2006 time scale, Kenya
BARBER M.E., MAHLER R.L. Ephemeral gully erosion from agricultural regions in the Pacifi c Northwest, USA
MAHLER R.L., BARBER M.E. Biological assessments of streams that have been adversely impacted by sediment runoff in Idaho, USA
SANTOS C.A.G., PINTO L.E.M., PAULA KARENINA DE MACEDO MACHADO FREIRE, MISHRA S.K. Application of a particle swarm optimization to a physically- based erosion model
KHALEDI DARVISHAN A.V., SADEGHI S.H.R., GHOLAMI L. Effi cacy of Time-Area Method in simulating temporal variation of sediment yield in Chehelgazi watershed, Iran
HEJDUK A., BANASIK K. Suspended sediment concentration and yield in snowmelt fl ood events in a small lowland river
POPEK Z. Variability of bedload transport rate during flood flows in the Zago¿d¿onka River
ZHAOYIN WANG, GUO-AN YU, GARY BRIERLEY, LE LIU. Stream networks and knickpoints in the Sanjiangyuan Region
FALKOWSKI T. Basement of the alluvia infl uence on the channel pattern in example of selected reach of the Pilica River
ORKHONSELENGE A., KASHIWAYA K. Sedimentary feature on Borsog Bay, eastern shore of Lake Khuvsgul in Northern Mongolia

KENNIE P., BOGEN J., OLSEN H.Ch. Estimating long term sediment yields from sediment core analysis

RAHAMAN Z.A., ISMAIL W.R. Spatial and temporal variations of sedimentation rate in the Timah Tasoh Water Reservoir, Perlis, Malaysia
DOSTAL T., KRASA J., VRANA K., DOCKAL M., KOUDELKA P., DAVID V., VOKURKA A. Sediment transport and water quality in Máchovo Lake (Czech Republic)
ALTHAMMER S., FOßHAG E., HOFFMANN H.M., JOSÉ REINALDO CARDOSO NERY, BONOTTO D.M. The use of the 210Pb method for preliminary evaluating the sedimentation rate in Amazon river mouth
MASUMEH SIADATI SABET, MEHDI ABBASZADEH NASERI, HOSEIN SIADATI SABET. Prediction of littoral drift with Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System
WAWER R., NOWOCIEÑ E., PODOLSKI B., SZEWRAÑSKI S., ¯MUDA R. The Improvement of the spatial structure and quality of rural communication system in loess upland watershed
BAJKOWSKI S. Sediment segregation on weirs of lowland rivers
MINATTI L., PARIS E., SOLARI L. On the erosion due to inclined jets
QI Y., LIU J., SHI H., ZHUANG D., HU Y. Estimation of wind erosion rates of Mongolian Plateau by using 137Cs tracing technique
SHARMA U.C., SHARMA V. Socio-economic aspects and impact of land use change on sediment production dynamics in the northeastern region of India
SHIH-CHUNG LU, SZU-HSIEN PENG, HWONG-WEN MA. A study on the sustainable management framework and the economic value evaluation for Taiwan Reservoir Watershed

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